Camera-ready preparation and copyright assignment

These instructions are for the authors of accepted papers.

Time is short!  Please follow these instructions in a timely and precise manner.  Any delay or imprecision may result in your paper being excluded from the conference proceedings.

What we need from you right away:

  1. An email from ACM will invite the contact author to complete the ACM copyright form online. Please do this promptly, as this is the blocking step for the rest of the processing - for example, it provides the DOI you need to embed in your paper. If you don't receive this email by Sept 5th, please let the PC chairs know.

  2. Download one of the files (MS Word or LaTeX) from the bottom of this page, and use them to prepare your final copy.  These are variants of the ACM style that provide a consistent look and feel for SIGOPS proceedings.  ACM provides some hints on how to use them, but note that our conventions are slightly different: no ALL CAPS for headings, for example.   Do not use your own style file.  Do not use one of the "standard" ACM ones.

  3. All papers will be shepherded; you need their sign-off on your final version before it can be accepted.  Reach out to your shepherd immediately and let them know how you will address the reviewers inputs. Your shepherd is acting for the program committee; they have the authority to withhold approval.

  4. At least one of the authors must register for the conference to present the paper, so take advantage of the early registration discounts that end on Sept 10th.

What we need from you by September 15th: your final ("camera-ready") PDF file.  Here are some tips on preparing it:

  • It should have the correct rights management statement and bibliographic strip on the bottom of the first page left column.

  • The PDF file should only use have Type 1 fonts (scalable), not Type 3 (bit-mapped), and all the fonts must be embedded within the PDF.  ACM has documentation on how to embed fonts correctly. It refers to the distiller settings file that can be found here: ACM.joboptions.

  • Your PDF file should be named using the ACM convention: sequence-firstauthorlastname.pdf. The PC chairs will email you the sequence number to use.

  • Long papers may use up to 14 pages excluding references; short papers up to 7. Your shepherd can grant you one additional page, but you will have to persuade them that it is needed.

  • [Optional] Pick categories/keywords etc. for the classification of your paper following this instructions: [Note: ACM tells us that this is optional, so we have removed the text that presents this from the templates.  You are welcome to add it back in, using the formats defined in the default ACM templates.]
If you have any other question regarding the proceedings, please immediately contact the publication chair (Carlo Curino or the PC chairs.  Don't wait - we are on a really tight schedule!

Accepted, complete papers for which we receive a valid copyright form and PDF will be posted on the conference website on 1 October 2013.  They will also be made available on the ACM Digital Library.

  • 2013-09-04: new version of LaTeX template added: sets new caption style and turns on \frenchspacing.
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