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SoCC 2013 Accepted Posters

The SoCC poster sessions showcase works-in-progress in an informal setting. Topics of interest are the same as the research topics in the SoCC conference call for papers

Refer to the Call for Posters for more information.  The accepted posters are listed below.

FAST: Near Real-time Data Analytics for the Cloud
Yu Hua (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.), Hong Jiang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dan Feng (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.), and Lei Tian (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Towards a Performance-as-a-Service Cloud
Davide Basilio Bartolini, Filippo Sironi, Martina Maggio, Gianluca Carlo Durelli, and Marco Domenico Santambrogio (Politecnico di Milano)

MRM: Delivering Predictability and Service Differentiation in Shared Compute Clusters
Masoud Moshref (University of Southern California), Abhishek B. Sharma (NEC Labs), Harsha V. Madhyastha (University of California, Riverside), and Leana Golubchik and Ramesh Govindan (University of Southern California)

Client-centric benchmarking of eventual consistency for cloud storage systems
Wojciech Golab (University of Waterloo), Muntasir Raihan Rahman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Alvin AuYoung and Kimberly Keeton (HP Labs), Jay J. Wylie (LinkedIn), and Indranil Gupta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Introducing Service-level Awareness in the Cloud
Cristian Klein (Umeå University), Martina Maggio and Karl-Erik Årzén (Lund University), and Francisco Hernandez-Rodriguez (Umeå University)

Mortar: Filling the Gaps in Data Center Memory
Jinho Hwang, Ahsen J. Uppal, Timothy Wood, and H. Howie Huang (The George Washington University)

PoWER - Prediction of Workload for Energy Efficient Relocation of Virtual Machines
Kashifuddin Qazi, Yang Li, and Andrew Sohn (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Leveraging Data Deduplication to Improve the Performance of Primary Storage Systems in the Cloud
Bo Mao (Xiamen University), Hong Jiang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Suzhen Wu (Xiamen University), and Lei Tian (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Simple and Efficient Coupling of Hadoop With a Database Engine
Jiamin Lu and Ralf Hartmut Güting (FernUniversität Hagen)

The Wisdom of Virtual Crowds: Mining Datacenter Telemetry to Collaboratively Debug Performance
Dragos Ionescu (MIT/Google) and Rean Griffith (VMWare Inc.)

Extending Modern PaaS Clouds with BSP to Execute Legacy MPI Applications
Hiranya Jayathilaka and Michael Agun (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Adaptive Partitioning for Large-Scale Dynamic Graphs
Luis M. Vaquero and Felix Cuadrado (Queen Mary University of London), Dionysios Logothetis (Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo), and Claudio Martella (VU Amsterdam)

Towards a General Framework for Secure MapReduce Computation on Hybrid Clouds
Chunwang Zhang, Ee-Chien Chang, and Roland H.C. Yap (National University of Singapore)

CATS: A Linearizable and Self-Organizing Key-Value Store
Cosmin Arad (Swedish Institute of Computer Science), Tallat M. Shafaat (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), and Seif Haridi (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

FastMR: Fast Processing for Large Distributed Data Streams
Liting Hu, Karsten Schwan, and Hrishikesh Amur (Georgia Institute of Technology)

XDB - A novel Database Architecture for Data Analytics as a Service
Carsten Binnig, Abdallah Salama, and Alexander Müller (University of Mannheim), Erfan Zamanian and Harald Kornmayer (DHBW Mannheim), and Sven Listing (ADTech and GSRN Mannheim)

CloudLEGO: Scalable Cross-VM-Type Application Performance Prediction
Shicong Meng and Arun K. Iyengar (IBM T.J. Watson Research), Ling Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Ting Wang, Jian Tan, Ignacio Silva-Lepe, and Isabelle M. Rouvellou (IBM T.J. Watson Research)

Comparing SSD-placement strategies to scale a Database-in-the-Cloud
Yingyi Bu (University of California, Irvine), and Hongrae Lee and Jayant Madhavan (Google)

VMShadow: Optimizing The Performance of Virtual Desktops in Distributed Clouds
Tian Guo (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Vijay Gopalakrishnan and K. K. Ramakrishnan (AT&T Labs - Research), Prashant Shenoy and Arun Venkataramani (University of Massachusetts Amherst), and Seungjoon Lee (AT&T Labs - Research)

Fault-Tolerant Industrial Automation as a Cloud Service
Tamir Hegazy and Mohamed Hefeeda (Simon Fraser University)

High Performance Clustering of Social Images in a Map-Collective Programming Model
Bingjing Zhang and Judy Qiu (Indiana University)

Does RDMA-based Enhanced Hadoop MapReduce Need a New Performance Model?
Md. Wasi-ur-Rahman, Xiaoyi Lu, Nusrat Sharmin Islam, and Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda (The Ohio State University)

Syndicate: Democratizing Cloud Storage and Caching through Service Composition
Jude Nelson and Larry Peterson (Princeton University)

Coloring the Cloud for Predictable Performance
Alberto Scolari, Filippo Sironi, Davide B. Bartolini, Donatella Sciuto, and Marco D. Santambrogio (Politecnico di Milano)

Decentralized Privacy Protection Strategies for Location-based Services
Chih-Chun Chen and Yu-Ling Hsueh (National Chung Cheng University)

Recommending Just Enough Memory for Analytics
Charles Reiss and Randy H. Katz (UC Berkeley)

Process-Oriented Recovery for Operations on Cloud Applications
Min Fu, Liming Zhu, Anna Liu, Xiwei Xu, and Len Bass (University of New South Wales, NICTA)

CloudSSI: Revisiting SSI in cloud era
Mansoor Alicherry (Vizury Interactive), Ashok Anand (Instart Logic), Shoban Preeth Chandrabose (University of Wisconsin), and Theophilius Benson (Duke University)

Firewall Placement in Cloud Data Centers
Seungjoon Lee (AT&T Labs - Research), Manish Purohit (University of Maryland), and Barna Saha (AT&T Labs - Research)

Harmony: Coordinating Network, Compute, and Storage in Software-Defined Clouds
Robert Grandl (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Yizheng Chen (VM Ware), Junaid Khalid and Suli Yang (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Ashok Anand (Instart Logic), Theophilus Benson (Duke University), and Aditya Akella (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Pregelix: Dataflow-Based Big Graph Analytics
Yingyi Bu (University of California, Irvine)

Wide-area Streaming Analytics: Distributing the Data Cube
Benjamin Heintz and Abhishek Chandra (University of Minnesota), and Ramesh K. Sitaraman (University of Massachusetts and Akamai Technologies)

High Performance In-memory Caching through Flexible Fine-grained Services
Yue Cheng (Virginia Tech), Aayush Gupta and Anna Povzner (IBM Almaden Research Center), and Ali R. Butt (Virginia Tech)

Compiling Machine Learning Algorithms with SystemML
Matthias Boehm, Douglas Burdick, Alexandre Evfimievski, Berthold Reinwald, Prithviraj Sen, Shirish Tatikonda, and Yuanyuan Tian (IBM Research - Almaden)

SuperCloud: Economical Cloud Service on Multiple Vendors
Qin Jia, Robbert Van Renesse, and Hakim Weatherspoon (Cornell University)

Dynamic Performance Profiling of Cloud Caches
Hjortur Bjornsson (University of Iceland), Gregory Chockler (University of London, Royal Holloway), and Trausti Saemundsson and Ymir Vigfusson (Reykjavik University) 

DEDIS: Distributed Exact Deduplication for Primary Storage Infrastructures
João Paulo and José Pereira (INESC TEC & Universidade do Minho)