SoCC 2013 Student Scholarships

SoCC 2013, through generous donations from conference sponsors, will offer scholarships to assist students attending the conference.

Each student scholarship covers either a travel or a registration scholarship. To cover the rest of the costs of attending SoCC, applicants must show the availability of additional support from their institutions (e.g., support from advisors). This must be stated in the letter of recommendation from student’s advisor (more below).

Applicants are also encouraged to participate in the poster session and work-in-progress presentations. Funding is available to students from any educational institution in the world.

How to apply

To apply you should submit the following:

  1. A complete application (position statement and CV). The student should submit the following information (in PDF attachments) in one email to

    • Email Title: The format of the email title is “Firstname Lastname (Institution domain name in lower case)”. For example “John Doe (uchicago)”

    • A short position statement written by the student. This position statement must explain the expected benefit of attending the conference. The statement should describe any research that the student has done, and list any published papers. This statement should be no longer than one page. This statement should be attached in PDF with filename format inst-first-last-statement.pdf (where inst = institution domain name, first = first name, last = last name, all in lower case). For example, uchicago-john-doe-statement.pdf

      If you are a student presenter or author, please indicate that in the statement.

    • A copy of student’s CV. This document should be in PDF with filename format inst-first-last-cv.pdf (e.g., uchicago-john-doe-cv.pdf)

  2. A letter of recommendation from the student's advisor. This letter must be submitted separately by your advisor to the same email address with the same email title format plus “Recommendation” (For example, “John Doe (uchicago) Recommendation”). The letter can be in any format (PDF, plaintext email, etc.). This letter must describe the technical appropriateness of the student's participation, and any partial support from other sources (e.g., the student's institution) available to cover the costs of the student attending SoCC. Advisors writing letters for multiple students include an explicit comparison of how each student deserves and would benefit from a scholarship.

Santa Clara University

Important dates

 Applications due:  September 5, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT
 Award notifications:  September 9, 2013

Student Scholarship Committee

  • Haryadi Gunawi, University of Chicago
  • Chris Jermaine, Rice University